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Why don't you make soaps too?
We are considering making soaps, but if you've seen Fight Club you already know that the best soaps are made from human fat. Well, we're just not ready to rob that liposuction clinc yet. But only because we're too fat and lazy to run. It has nothing to do with that highly intricate and sophisticated security system that we can't find a way around (yet).

Why don't you make a candle that smells like stale beer, a locker room, etc?

We are brewing up lots of ideas for lots of new additional scents. However, we are committed to quality and will not produce a candle and say it smells like something when it really doesn't. If you've got a great idea, drop us a line and if we use it, we'll cut you a check for $100. But chances are we've already thought of it. Also, lots of people have said we should make candles that smell like stale beer or a locker room. Thanks jokers, but the whole reason we made candles in the first place was that so our places didn't smell like that.


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